Don't let amazing go unnoticed

Fan Tipper is a micropayments startup that inspires mutual gratitude between small businesses and their customers.

Even in a cashless society, small change can still make a big difference.

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Fan Tipper is a community that rewards creativity.

If you are a creator who is doing something great, something that people get value from, and would like to allow fans an opportunity to express their gratitude, then we feel Fan Tipper could be of benefit to you.

If you are a fan that feels that the world is powered by creativity and it’s driven by people who follow their passion, you can understand that isn’t always easy. So amazing people deserve to be supported.

Everyone has the ability to do something great, whether they are fans or creators.

Fan Tipper is about empowering people to restore the equilibrium. Providing a platform that allows you to perform a meaningful gesture of goodwill that is mutually acknowledged.

If you know someone who deserves to have their actions acknowledged, let them know that there is a growing community ready to connect with the things they love.